Building Bridges

Bringing diverse groups of students together, we’re building friendships and tearing down walls, changing the world in small ways, one child, and one day at a time.

Connecting Communities

Motivated by empathy and love, students in BoPH clubs choose causes, make plans and take actions to be the change they want to see, in their own communities and around the world.

Promoting Peace

We collaborate with students, teachers, and artists to spread goodwill and understanding through creative arts projects, storytelling and activism.

Making Connections to Make a Difference


"There are common threads that bind us, no matter who we are..."

Bridges of Peace and Hope is weaving common threads together with love, empathy, and hope. We build bridges by sharing universal virtues. Meaningful international collaboration and exchange allow us to unite for change with students, teachers, and peacemakers around the globe. Always together, we are building a better world one bridge at a time. Join us!

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MissionPromoters of Peace

We thank and recognize these groups and organizations who are making connections and building bridges to promote peace and understanding.