John Farrell Says Hello to AIS Danbury

In celebration of the Sandy Hook Promise Start With Hello Project, John Farrell visited with the students of Western Academy for International Study in Danbury, CT.  John lead the students in song before a beautiful kindness quilt made by the entire school.

At the Bridges of Peace and Hope meeting earlier in the week, students shared acts of kindness they’d witnessed at school.  Mara saw a peer approach a new student on the Buddy Bench and invite them to play. Another club member traded her lunch with a dietary restricted student after the cafeteria ran out of their favorite lunch. Talking about the contagious compassion at AIS Danbury made the BoPHoper’s even more excited to practice kindness!

At the end of week concert celebration, the Bridge of Peace and Hope Club members joined John Farrell on stage and modeled the sign language that accompanies a school favorite song, “It’s the Little Things.” Kids from all grades enjoyed signing and singing along. The concert was an opportunity for students to contemplate the lessons they learned throughout the week about creating a welcoming community for everyone. Everyone, including John, left with smiles on their faces, kindness in their hearts,  and ready to change the world with Hello!


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