Mukwashi Sanitation Initiative

In October 2017, Mukwashi Trust School broke ground on a Secondary School facility at their campus in Lusaka West, Zambia.  The new school building was completed earlier this year with funds raised in part by Bridges of Peace and Hope Clubs and supporters around the world.  You can see a video of the ceremony and construction process here.

Mukwashi continues to build the capacity of Zambian teachers and ensure quality education for children in the peri-rural community of Lusaka. However, to maintain a safe and prosperous learning environment for all students and staff, Mukwashi needs to construct a new sanitation facility on campus. 


We aim to raise $60,000 for a new sanitation block to service Mukwashi Trust School students and staff.  In addition to covering the supplies and labor needed to build the sanitation structures, these funds will be used to bring new freshwater resources to campus and supplement sanitary supplies for female students.

In Zambia’s schools, there is an average of one toilet for every 124 pupils.  Lack of sanitation facilities adversely affects adolescent girls – who can miss up to 20% of their school year due to lack of lavatory services. 500 million girls around the world lack facilities to manage their periods. This contributes to gender inequality and disempowerment on every level. Improved hygiene decreases disease, increases school performance, and allows for economic growth. 

New sanitation infrastructure is essential to MTS students as access to these facilities will allow them to manage their health needs on campus and keep all students in school full time.

A new sanitation block is a bridge to dignity and safety for our students. Join us as we work to improve campus life for all at Mukwashi!

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Mukwashi means “family” and Mukwashi Trust School is certainly family to the children, educators, staff, and community that call MTS home.

BoPH partners have helped build the buildings – now let’s get those buildings filled with a schools most important resources – kids and teachers!

Your gift will help us to fill our nine classrooms with an extra 170 local children whose parents can’t afford even our small school fees – and will provide them with a future .  

$61 will pay the fees of one secondary school child for one term.

$217 will pay the salary of one teacher for one month.

$1,200 will pay the full costs of one complete class for three months (including teacher’s salary and all classroom consumables, needs and overheads).

Thank you for helping Mukwashi Trust School!


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