Mukwashi Sanitation Initiative: Progress Report

Mukwashi Sanitation Initiative: A Marvel in Motion!

The hole is dug, the foundation is laid, and the walls are going up! See Mukwashi Sanitation Initiative in action with a progress report from Head Teacher Judah Sikamikami and a thank you from the girls of Mukwashi Trust School! 

Mukwashi Trust School’s new sanitation block will be open and operational by the end of February. The establishment of a Secondary School necessitated the construction of a modern sanitation block with a shower. The new block will help girls manage their heath needs and keep clean after physical education and agricultural science.  We would like to thank all the people who made and are still making donations towards this project! MTS started a new school year this January with 326 students enrolled from grades Pre-K to the 11.  We look forward to sharing their successes as Mukwashi Trust School keeps growing!

If you would like to make a life changing donation in support of girls education and the Mukwashi Sanitation Initiative click here.

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