March Bridge of the Month: HOPE

#Hopeisabridge, what gives you hope? Throughout the month of March, Bridges of Peace and Hope will be exploring answers to this question and sharing the hopes of the world through song and story.

Hope is a seed, trust in the fruition of the future. It can be hard to leave seeds of hope to sprout especially when the grey clouds of reality roll in, but only in the rain do we gain the potential for growth.


Throughout March, look at long held hopes for the future with fresh eyes and full of possibility and try to discover new hopes for your self, your community, your country, and our world. We ask you to consider how you can contribute your talents to change. How can your skills or story inspire others and make this world a more hope filled place for all?

Share your thoughts, struggles, and stories of hope with us on our new site or social media using #hopeisabridge! Looking for a little inspiration? Listen to our Spotify “Playlist for Peace” and comment here to add a song!

Project Announcement: Bridges Journal Open for Submissions

From March to May, send us submissions for the Bridges Journal for Arts, Activism, and Awareness. This will be an annual project, a collection of original artwork, creative writing, calls to action, and issue-centered essays from students of all ages from our partners around the world! Our inaugural theme is “Our Stories,” students of all ages are welcome to submit. We will digitally compile and complete this project come June!

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