April Brings Bridges of Imagination

Imagination is a bridge that excites and incites. To imagine is to think beyond the known realm of possibility, to dream without limitations. Everyone has the ability and everyone hears the call to create if they listen closely.  Throughout April, we encourage you to listen to your inner voice of creativity. The more you stop to listen to louder it gets! #imaginationisabridge to a more colorful, creative world! Celebrate the excellence of imagination throughout April with Bridges of Peace and Hope.

So, you’re listening. Now what? How can you channel your imagination into an idea that changes the world? Sounds like a big question but start small! Think about how your daily life could be different if it were injected with a bit more creativity. Now think beyond, how can your imagination be a gift to others? To your community? Our world?

Still stumped? Get out of your own way and take time to play! Turning off your brain and engaging with a physical creative element will certainly start some sparks in your brain. Try a puzzle or painting, anything that challenges you to think in a different way than the everyday. If you’re still struggling check these out:

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On April 22nd, we celebrate the splendors of our Earth and the endless, unimaginable beauty she provides! The natural world is an endless source of imagination inspiration for artists, engineers, scientists, poets, all people, really! However, now more than ever, this resource of wonder and wealth of life is at risk. When it comes to conservation, creativity can truly change the world! Check out this awesome video of inventions that are doing just that. And remember, mindfulness matters when it comes to conservation. Make sure to do your part to reduce, reuse, and recycle! 


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