Strengthening Bridges: AIS Vienna and the Mukwashi Trust School

(From left to right: Elissavet Pontikakis, Nicole Forbes, Nicola Del Fabbro, Gen Trutschmann, Rosalie Rozema — front: Kilian Kröll)

Greetings from Vienna! Our teacher team is eagerly planning and preparing for our visit to Mukwashi Trust School.

Thanks to the connecting power of BoPH, for years AIS Vienna and the Mukwashi Trust School have been building a bridge of friendship, professional excellence and hope for our future generations. This work has included cultural projects, teacher exchange projects, fundraising events and other adventures. Most recently, AIS Vienna has formed a HS Bridges of Peace and Hope Club, connected with our school’s Parent Teacher Forum around our work, and this coming week our ES will host their largest fundraiser of the year with our annual Fun Run.
The biggest highlight, however, is that a team of six teachers and staff from AIS Vienna will be visiting with our friends at the Mukwashi Trust School during our April break. During our time together, we will offer a day of professional development for our fellow educators and will spend three more days of professional exchange. Our cross-divisional team will spend time in classrooms and offer instruction across the curriculum. Genevieve Trutschmann (Grade 1), Nicola Del Fabbro (Grade 1), and Nicole Forbes Wagner (Grade 3), will be sharing about the writing workshop model and reading comprehension strategies, while Rosalie Rozema (MS Science) and Elissavet Pontikakis (HS Math) will share interactive math and science strategies with their secondary school counterparts. This exciting exchange will be documented and supported by our Admissions Director Kilian Kroell as we share, create, and grow together.
Our time on-site will end with a ceremony to mark the opening of the new HS building and Girls Sanitation Block, both projects that the AIS Vienna community has proudly supported through our school’s student leadership efforts. In order to fully appreciate the diversity and beauty of this community, our time in Zambia will also feature visits to cultural sites and other service organizations within Lusaka and the Livingstone area. We hope that this visit will serve to provide us with insights and information to plan a future HS student visit to help further strengthen the bridge between our two schools and communities. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with our colleagues and friends at Mukwashi and look forward to sharing more about our bridge after our visit!

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