Seeds of Hope: Bethel Community Earth Day

Bridges of Peace and Hope was delighted to spend another Earth Day celebrating sustainability and stewardship in Bethel, CT! Last year at the BoPH booth, we built spaghetti bridges and raised funds for the Mukwashi Sanitation Initiative. We also spent some quality time with community members and the awesome alpacas at the event!

This year BoPH returned triumphant, excited to share the success and completion of the Sanitation Project with those who had contributed and those who were learning about BoPH and the Mukwashi Trust School for the first time. We continued to collect funds to subsidize sanitary supplies for MTS students and were stationed next to a handsome stuffed baby black bear named Hank!

Our activity for the Earth Day event was all about fostering hope for the future. We invited attendees to share something that made them hopeful or something they hoped for, their answer was then emblazoned on a receptacle and they were invited to plant a sunflower seed inside. The exercise was meant to create a physical manifestation an abstract construct. Hope as a word is easy enough to define but hope as a feeling, hope as an action is much harder to articulate. Even so, hope means something, does something. It can create light in a dark world just like a sunflower sprouting in the summer.

Hope was heavy in the air at Earth Day. It was a joy to see and share with the strong community in Bethel at another great event!

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