Share and Celebrate Stories This May!

Joan Didion said, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” It is an inherently human quality, to look for narrative structure in a chaotic world. In fact, it is believed by most historians and psychologists that storytelling is one of the many things that define and bind our humanity. In stories we create comfort, purport patterns in the randomness that is reality. And while story is a means of survival, it is also a source of community and infinite joy.

This May, Bridges of Peace and Hope will celebrate and share stories! Your stories, stories from students, stories from teachers, and stories of world will promote unity and underscore the unique perspectives that make our world wonderful.

Your perspective is powerful. No matter who you are, you have a story to share that matters and can make a difference. Trying to find your story?Finish this sentence: “I come from -” In your answer, explore your life before this moment, the world before your life, try to think of where you are now and how that came to be. Who made it possible? What made it special? Don’t forget to share your story with us on social media using #astoryisabridge!

“Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark. Begin at the beginning…Make some light.” -Kate DiCamillo

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