AIS Danbury Collects for Dorothy Day House

BoPHoper’s at AIS Danbury and their fellow students have been hard at work collecting food and clothing for donation to the Dorothy Day Hospitality House.  Students had the opportunity to drop off their contributions to the Danbury, CT service center and received a tour of the facility.

Dorothy Day Hospitality House has been feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless in Danbury, CT since 1982. Their partnership with AIS has allowed students to learn about and actively address the needs in their own community. The Dorothy Day Hospitality House mission statement is a lesson in itself about the power of collective care in creating community:

We are a community of people
Who care about our brothers and sisters
Providing love, food and rest.

In the event that our bounty is so great,
We believe in sharing with other needy groups.

Please pray with us, that one day we will open our doors,
And no one will need our services

Dorothy Day preached a message of little loves, doing what you can as best you can even if it doesn’t seem to be much. Extending a hand of help and hope is an act of community and mercy. Bridges of Peace and Hope is so happy to see the students of AIS embracing this mission with open arms!

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