Farrell Firsts This Thanksgiving

November 28, will be my first Thanksgiving as a grandfather. It will also be Ella’s first birthday, an appropriate coincidence. To Ella, I am known as “Pop,” the same name my father was called by some of his more than 50 grand and great grandchildren. It will be many years before Ella knows how much love and joy she’s giving us. It’s a mysterious gift that  can’t be fully appreciated until you receive it back, and that takes time.

The photo above that “GiGi” Ann Marie took of Ella crawling out of a toy storage area captures some of the wonder of Ella’s world. Now, an experienced crawler, and very soon a walker, she’s full of curiosity and has an increasingly adventurous spirit.  Colleen and Pat, her Mom and Dad, will soon be getting even more exercise as they try to keep pace with Ella’s desire to learn and experience her fascinating world of colors, shapes, sounds, smells, textures, and emotions. This Thanksgiving, I am immensely grateful for Ella, all our dear family and friends, good health, and the myriad opportunities I have been granted to make connections with beautiful people and places.

Ella loves removing Pop’s glasses…now, who else but a grandchild could evoke a smile by grabbing your glasses?

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