Mukwashi Mini Newsletter 2019: A Year of Promise

A Visit From Mukwashi Alumni

From left to right: Twaambo is now training as a teacher; Nicholas has been offered a job as a TV presenter; Nandipha is a singer/songwriter; Kenneth has graduated as an agricultural engineer; Diana is also training as a teacher; Lazarous will graduate soon with a degree in business; Mweetwa is a water engineer – and a volunteer art teacher at Mukwashi; and Kadija helps run her family farm.

The members of this glowing group are some of the first students who started at Mukwashi in 2006: they represent the strength and success of our school community.

None of them began with any of the stuff people in high income countries think matters, but they all have tons of the stuff which really matters: they are catalysts; they are world changers.

From Vienna to Lusaka: AIS Teachers Visit Mukwashi

In April 2019, six members of the staff from the American International School of Vienna travelled over 6,600 kilometers to spend nearly a week at Mukwashi. It was an amazing week of collaboration, teaching, and learning. After a full day of professional development led by the AIS teachers, they teamed up with teachers in the classrooms to model new strategies for improving literacy and mathematics teaching.

The mural on the left was created by AISV, the mural on the right by MTS!


Kilian, Laura, Nicole, Gen (back), Nicola, Rosalie, Elisavet, and Mulemba and Judah join together!

A Brand New Sanitation Block for Girls!

Thanks to the generosity of BoPH partners and friends of MTS, Mukwashi opened a new toilet block for girls. It has six stalls, a shower, and two sinks. Some of our alumni even said: “It’s nicer than toilets at college!”

The Science Block is Stocked!

For a long time, Mukwashi did their Science learning through textbooks. A few years ago, they acquired a mobile Science lab that brought some of the science to life – but not fully hands-on.

But today – thanks again to many BoPH partners – our students have one of the best Science labs in Lusaka West. Earlier this year, during their visit to MTS, our friends at the American International School of Vienna donated the funds that helped us fully equip the lab! It’s all HANDS-ON for these budding scientists.

Clean, Safe, Reliable Water for Mukwashi!

Most of us only need to walk a few feet to get access to clean, safe water but for too many people around the world, water is a long journey away. Thanks to two of Mukwashi’s founding members – Greetje and Bas Romkes – Mukwashi now has its own borehole.  Students now have easy access to safe water – mere steps from every classroom!

Our Learning Garden

As some of you probably know, agriculture is a huge industry in Zambia. At Mukwashi, the students in high school can now take Agricultural Sciences as one of their electives. Thanks to our new bore hole (!), our garden is blooming and the children have a great place to gain practical experience (and snacks when the crops are ripe and ready!).

More Great News!

  • Mukwashi earns second place in the zone in ball games
  • Mukwashi is granted Grade 12 exam center status
  • Thirteen grade 7 kids attained highest mock exams ever 800+ (max is 900)
  • Former Mukwashi school student, Teddy Muchimba, chosen among 70 students to study in Morocco
  • Mark Chanda Musonda from Mukwashi Trust School is the Zambian National High Jump Champion!
  • Grade 8 student Keith Matthews speaks at Mulungushi International Conference Center about how to improve his community by introducing literacy as early as possible!

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