100 Day Celebrations Around the World

A school John visited this week was celebrating their 100th Day of School! This is a popular observance in many schools around the world. Students and teachers have fun participating in a variety of Math, Art, Writing and other learning activities. One of John’s songs titled “How Much is 100?” includes the question, “How much is 100?” – and the answer, “100 is a lot!” The song goes on to list rhyming pairs of items and words. John invites anyone to make up their own verses.

A few years ago John did a collaborative international BoPH project with the song. First graders from Craig, Colorado; Vienna, Austria; Glens Falls, NY; and Lusaka, Zambia each wrote their own verses. Here are three verses from that project. Can you guess where each one came from?


  1. It’s a lot of whales, it’s a lot snails, it’s a lot of flower pots

One hundred is a lot of goats, it’s a lot of coats too

It’s a lot of cats, it’s a lot of hats, one hundred is a lot!


  1. It’s a lot of rooms, it’s a lot of brooms, it’s a lot of ocelots

One hundred is a lot of blizzards, it’s a lot of lizards too

It’s a lot of wishes, it’s a lot of fishes, one hundred is a lot!


  1. It’s a lot of tricks, it’s a lot of sticks, it’s a lot of polka-dots

One hundred is a lot of days, it’s a lot of maize too

It’s a lot of zoos, it’s a lot of shoes, one hundred is a lot!


(The answer is below the next sentence!)


As part of the project students from Colorado and NY sang together via Skype. They loved sharing what they’d written while also “seeing” and singing with their collaborators.

Listen to the MP3! 

Answer: #1. NY #2. Colorado. #3 Zambia.



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