50 Capitals in 60 Seconds Challenge!

Can you say all fifty capitals in less than sixty seconds?? It’s harder than it seems! Luckily, we have a ways you can take on this challenge!

Classic Challenge

For the motormouths out there we’ll keep it classic, record yourself reciting all 50 Capitals as fast as you can! The fastest will be featured in a special post on our site!

Artistic Challenge

Celebrate the states with this artistic take on the challenge! Record yourself singing with your own map art, the more colorful and creative the better. We’ll feature your all American artwork here!

Friend Challenge

Find a friend and sing the 50 Capitals together or challenge them to see who can do it the fastest! Remember, safety first when visiting friends. Film a video and send it in to be featured!

Please send all submissions to kellytyra13@gmail.com!

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