We Are One: Confronting Racism in Society

People are lifting their voices, hoisting signs, marching in the streets to demand change around the world. Their message is clear: racism and the stranglehold it has on the institutions meant to ensure safety, freedom, and equality for all will no longer be excused, overlooked, or tolerated.

At Bridges of Peace and Hope we believe that Black Lives Matter is not a controversial statement. George Floyd’s life mattered. Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. So did the lives of Tony McDade. Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland. Trayvon Martin. Philando Castile. Freddie Gray. And too, too many others. We are committed to building a world where all people feel safe to express themselves in their own schools, their own communities, their own skin. BoPH will fight for justice as we know how with listening ears and love in our hearts.

The following media is meant as a resource for those educating and empowering themselves to change the world by recognizing and rooting out racism where it exists in our families, communities, schools, health care systems, and government institutions. Allow yourself the courage to step outside the world too long accepted into a world built together for all. We call on tools of empathy, understanding, and strength. We recognize anger, sorrow, disappointment as a meaningful part of the process. We welcome you to share resources you have found meaningful and thoughts you find too heavy to carry alone. Bridges of Peace and Hope has always been about celebrating our similarities and learning from our differences. Your voice is a meaningful part of that conversation, please use it!



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No justice. No peace. One of the men 4 men who killed George Floyd has been charged with third-degree murder. It doesn't feel like a victory. A man is still dead and police officers know that most of the time, there will be no repercussions for the violence they inflict. When you see this whole image, when you don't slice it up into 10 small pieces, all that's visible is one long bar. Killing after killing that goes unpunished. That's why people are still protesting *after* the news that Derek Chauvin has been charged. It's not nearly enough. Let's go back to the start and look at the 25 times that police officers supposedly had to face consequences for their actions. History tells us that even if all four men who killed George are convicted, their sentences will be generous (unlike the way the criminal justice punishes black men). Here is a breakdown of the sentences that were given those 25 times: ➖ Unknown sentence = 4 ➖ Just probation = 3 ➖ 3 months in jail = 1 ➖ 1 year in jail, 3 years suspended = 1 ➖ 1 year in prison = 1 ➖ 18 months in prison = 1 ➖ 2.5 years in prison = 1 ➖ 4 years in prison = 1 ➖ 5 years in prison = 1 ➖ 6 years in prison = 1 ➖ 16 years in prison = 1 ➖ 20 years in prison = 1 ➖ 30 years in prison = 2 ➖ 40 years in prison = 1 ➖ 50 years in prison = 1 ➖ life in prison = 3 ➖ life in prison without parole, plus 16 years = 1 Source: Mapping Police Violence (run by @samswey, @iamderay & @MsPackyetti)

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