Mukwashi Trust School 2020

In spite of CoVid 19 challenges, there have been many positive changes at Mukwashi School this past year. The school is now an Ltd. corporation, a non-profit designation. It is what is considered a low cost (very low) private school. There is a new, responsible Zambian Board of Trustees, and an experienced consultant from the UK is helping Laura and the team on site to make the school’s operating plan become sustainable. The model includes continued international support and they are working to secure what is needed.
Many improvements have and continue to happen since John Farrell visited 3 years ago. The secondary school was completed, including science labs. A girls sanitation block (bathrooms and showers) were added, a school bus purchased, a functioning garden added, a bore hole (well) drilled, a kitchen constructed and other improvements and upgrades made to campus and curriculum. They plan to provide a healthy, hot meal to students every day which didn’t happen in the past. The economy in Zambia is dreadful and food insecurity is a fact of life. Many of these improvements were funded in part by BoPH donations from generous friends like you. Thank you!
The beloved founding school head, Mr. Judah Sikamikami is leaving the Mukwashi Trust School. Judah has been an inspirational, dedicated leader who was there on Day 1 and everyday after. He’ll be greatly missed but it’s time for the next phase of the school’s evolution. Judah has helped thousands of students and he’ll be remembered with a dedicated scholarship for six students in his name.
The new Early Childhood Center that we are fundraising for this month will be a game changer for littles ones in the community and the families the school serves. DONATE to Bridges of Peace to Support Mukwashi Early Learning Center
The construction team at MTS is remodeling and repurposing an existing building to create a dedicated space to provide full time daycare and learning for 25 three-and four-year-olds. The extra space this new Center creates will permit the other grade levels in primary to have more learning time and space each day. Funds with BoPH will finance the remodeling, plus construction of a sheltered play area with a covered roof so the young children can play and learn outdoors part of the day during the rainy season, and be sheltered from the sun during the hot months, and it’s very hot there. Funds will also be used to outfit a playground from recycled materials and purchase some desks and tables.
A Letter from Laura Manni about the changes to come:

Like most schools in Africa, we have more classes than classrooms, and have to operate a double shift system — with some classes learning in the morning and others learning in the afternoon. 

To help us provide a better service to local families, we are making an important change during December, before the new school year begins in January.

We are converting our largest staff house into a dedicated Early Years centre. This will enable us to provide education and care to 25 three- and four-year olds for the whole day (from 7.00am – 4.00pm) in their own private, specialised space.

It will cost us $1,000 to convert and decorate the interior, and $1,500 to add a covered area outside to provide dry outdoor play and learning in the rainy season and shade in the hot months— and to fence the garden so that it is safe and secure all year round.

It’s difficult to buy proper safe outside play equipment in Zambia for small children, so we are planning to use recycled tires and wood to build our own play area. 

These important works mean we will be able to use the room the early years children are vacating for older children, but we need $600 to buy 40 second-hand chairs and desks for this room.

The changes mean that, finally, all our upper primary school classes can learn at the same time each morning, all our lower primary classes can learn at the same time each afternoon — and all our secondary classes can benefit from a full days’ schooling. 

If you’d like to learn more about Mukwashi Trust School, check out their website. In addition to current news there is historical information available, as well. The new management is correctly emphasizing the effectiveness of the school, and the fact that it is being run by members of the local community, along with outside help. In the NEWS section of the site you can become updated regarding recent actions, CoVid challenges etc.
As their economy has worsened the impact of donations in US $ is important. The exchange rate today is over 20kw (Kwatcha) to $1. It was 11 to 1 in 2017 and 7 to 1 a few years before that. The costs to educate a primary school student are about $125 a year, and $150 for a secondary student (high school)
It is our hope that we can continue to assist MTS, and enrich the lives of students in the US and Europe who interact with the student at Mukwashi Trust School. Help us reach our goal by staying connected and in touch!
Thank you for your continued support.

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