Who We Are

Bridges of Peace and Hope has roots in schools across the United States. Our mission is to connect students around the world to promote peace and understanding through music, creative arts and technology.  

Since becoming a 501c non-profit in 2009, BoPH has engaged with over 110,000 students and teachers from more than 50 countries. These connections have enabled individuals and groups to learn about their peers by working together and sharing their stories, music, and art. Collaborative projects have advanced friendships and global awareness. Students have also initiated many actions that help others, including providing support and resources to our Model Partner School, the Mukwashi Trust Community School in Lusaka, Zambia.

As we look to the future, the BoPH vision is to expand our network of participating students, teachers and clubs so we can continue promoting respect, understanding, and collaboration, and fostering friendships and partnerships that advance goodwill and peace across cultures and within our own communities.

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Bringing diverse groups of students together, we’re building friendships and tearing down walls, changing the world in small ways, one child, and one day at a time.

Motivated by empathy and love, students in BoPH clubs choose causes, make plans and take actions to be the change they want to see, in their own communities and around the world.

We collaborate with students, teachers, and artists to spread goodwill and understanding through creative arts projects, storytelling and activism.

Our Team

Mulemba Sakuwaha

Mulemba believes through shared experiences we appreciate that we have more in common than we tend to believe.

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Mack Lunn

Mack Lunn is a passionate Internet entrepreneur with an extensive background in computer programming and design who strives to utilize technology to inspire and connect a better world.

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Meg McLoone

Meg has a degree in Business and French and is a Child Associate and Interventionist at The Western CT Academy for International Studies Magnet School in Danbury, CT. She has been an active member of Bridges of Peace and Hope for many years and has helped the team coordinate various events. In early 2017 she […]

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Natalie B. Belli

Natalie Belli is a fifth-grade humanities teacher at the Village School in Marblehead, Massachusetts where she integrates Project Zero practices and initiatives. She is a passionate devotee of literature, lifelong learning, and joyful teaching. Natalie embraces the unexpected and often laughs at her own mistakes. Her practice is featured in Ron Ritchhart’s book, Creating Cultures […]

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Ann Marie Farrell

Ann Marie has been teaching young children for 25 years. A strong believer in human rights and equal opportunity for all people, Ann Marie’s students learn the need to accept differences and appreciate diversity. They also learn the importance of always treating others respectfully. Her classes have participated in many BoPH initiatives including international pen […]

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Marty Winsor

Marty Winsor is a former elementary school teacher and retired attorney who lives with his wife Martha in Edmeston, New York. He is a long-time member of his Rotary Club and has served both his club and his Rotary district in a variety of capacities. He is a volunteer with the arts in education program […]

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Maureen Tyra

Maureen has been involved with numerous organizations involved in promoting peace and compassion through action. Maureen’s students correspond with students around the world to develop relationships, and to foster global awareness and understanding.

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Kofi Donkor

Kofi has been an active member of Bridges of Peace and Hope for many years and he believes that the arts (visual and performing arts) are a sure way to bringing people of all races, culture, and gender together in peace and love.

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Kayawe Chinyama

Kayawe is a performing artist who lives and works in Lusaka, Zambia.

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Mike Donaghey

Mike believes cultivating a practice of dialogue, exchange and inclusion with the youth of today is a fundamental step towards building the peaceful communities of tomorrow.

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Judah Sikamikami

Judah knows that it is only through relationships that we can tear down walls and build bridges towards understanding and love.

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Brooklyn Kimball

Brooklyn is inspired by the fact that although different languages and cultures can cause a barrier, laughter and empathy are always translated the same.

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Gen Trutschmann

Gen believes it is through the connections we make today that we can foster friendships that cross nations for a lifetime.

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Nicole Forbes Wagner

Nicole’s passion to travel and learn leads to her places all around the world where she loves to experience both the differences and similarities of people and cultures.

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Kelly Tyra

A lifelong Bridges of Peace and Hope supporter, Kelly enjoys spreading justice through the arts.

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John Farrell

John is a songwriter and storyteller who has been working with children and teachers around the world for over 25 years.

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Laura Manni

Laura is an early childhood enthusiast who has spent over 16 years of her life working in the field of education, as a teacher, researcher, and consultant.

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