• We Are One: Confronting Racism in Society

    People are lifting their voices, hoisting signs, marching in the streets to demand change around the world. Their message is clear: racism and the stranglehold it has on the institutions meant to ensure safety, freedom, and equality for all will no longer be excused, overlooked, or tolerated. At Bridges of Peace and Hope we believe that […]

  • 50 Capitals in 60 Seconds Challenge!

    Can you say all fifty capitals in less than sixty seconds?? It’s harder than it seems! Luckily, we have a ways you can take on this challenge! Classic Challenge For the motormouths out there we’ll keep it classic, record yourself reciting all 50 Capitals as fast as you can! The fastest will be featured in […]

  • “Hello, My Friends!” A Greeting to the World

    Learn eighteen ways to greet the world in “Hello, My Friends!” by John Farrell! This song will teach you to greet half the world in kindness, do you know anymore ways to say hello? Sign-a-long, Sing-a-long, smile-a-long with John Farrell and Debra Aronson as they perform “It’s the Little Things”!

  • Gratitude Attitude: Counting Our Blessings

    Giving Thanks with BoPH: Sing and Sign Along “One by One: A Thanksgiving Song” is a favorite from John Farrell’s album Season of Light, Hope and Peace. This song of immense gratitude is also a call to reflect on the things in life that bring us peace and to share that peace with others. Here at […]