• John’s Journal: Spring Travel and A New Music Bridge

    Dear Friends, I hope this greeting finds you in good health. In this challenging time, we are exploring ways to stay connected while necessity keeps us apart. Vital restraints on public gatherings are changing life “as we know it,” affecting us all. While these hardships bring great suffering and sadness, the pandemic is also providing […]

  • A Letter from the Leaders of Mukwashi Trust School

    Dear Friends & Supporters, Despite the lack of foreign news at the moment, we’re sure you know Covid-19 is also affecting southern Africa. Like most countries round the world, the Zambian government has restricted travel, told its people to stay home, and shut all schools and businesses. In these difficult times, we want you to […]

  • An Earth Day Song

    “The Earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Bridges of Peace and Hope would like to lift your spirits and celebrate the beautiful planet we call home with a song.  Learn the sign language to “The Earth is Our Home” with John Farrell and […]

  • John’s Journal: Journeys in Life

    Our new year began with the joyous event of the marriage of our son Jack and Curtis Moeller. The ceremony and celebration were in Mesa, Arizona. Curtis’s family came from Missouri, and the Farrell’s arrived from Hong Kong, California, Virginia, NY and NH. It was the first time all our children had been together in […]