• Pride Is A Bridge: BoPH Celebrates the Pride in the Park

    Bridges of Peace was honored to participate in the first annual Ridgefield Pride in the Park! The incredible even was organized by BoPH teacher partner, Maureen Tyra and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Clubs from East Ridge Middle School, Scotts Ridge Middle School, and Ridgefield High School. Their combined efforts made for a fun and […]

  • AIS and MTS Share “High Hopes”

    The High Hopes Project was inspired by John Farrell’s original song of positivity! Students from both Mukwashi Trust School and the American International School in Vienna were delighted to dream up new lyrics that celebrated their unique communities!

  • Literacy is a Bridge

    An essay by Keith Mathews, 13 years old in answer to the question: What’s the one thing you could/would do┬áto change your school, community, or the world. A community feels more alive when the people who live there love it enough to help improve it. I strongly feel I am one of those people that […]

  • A Summer Dream

    This June, Bridges of Peace and Hope is working to make our dreams for the future a reality. A more┬ápeaceful world will be a more connected world, centered on community and the values we share as humans with hope in our hearts. In this world, everyones talents are recognized, their individuality and identity are validated, […]