• Seeds of Hope: Bethel Community Earth Day

    Bridges of Peace and Hope was delighted to spend another Earth Day celebrating sustainability and stewardship in Bethel, CT! Last year at the BoPH booth, we built spaghetti bridges and raised funds for the Mukwashi Sanitation Initiative. We also spent some quality time with community members and the awesome alpacas at the event! This year […]

  • Strengthening Bridges: AIS Vienna and the Mukwashi Trust School

    (From left to right: Elissavet Pontikakis, Nicole Forbes, Nicola Del Fabbro, Gen Trutschmann, Rosalie Rozema — front: Kilian Kröll) Greetings from Vienna! Our teacher team is eagerly planning and preparing for our visit to Mukwashi Trust School. Thanks to the connecting power of BoPH, for years AIS Vienna and the Mukwashi Trust School have been […]

  • April Brings Bridges of Imagination

    Imagination is a bridge that excites and incites. To imagine is to think beyond the known realm of possibility, to dream without limitations. Everyone has the ability and everyone hears the call to create if they listen closely.  Throughout April, we encourage you to listen to your inner voice of creativity. The more you stop […]

  • John’s Journal: Students Cross Bridge of Hope

    While traveling this past week I had a chance to see some of the “bridges” we are creating in schools in action. At AVPS in Kingston, Ontario, Canada 4th graders in Nick Manolakas’ class did a Skype call with BoPH Club Members at the Western Connecticut AIS Magnet School in Danbury, CT in the USA. […]