• Movies for Mukwashi: Incredible Tradition Continues!

       After the success of last school year’s fundraiser, the BoPHoper’s at AIS Vienna once again raised over €1,000 at the Movies for Mukwashi: Incredibles 2 Movie Night and Bake Sale!  This sale of popcorn, lemonade, and a sweet selection of treats will benefit the Mukwashi Sanitation Initiative.  What an Incredible tradition and a such sweet way […]

  • Mukwashi Sanitation Initiative: Progress Report

    Mukwashi Trust School’s new sanitation block will be open and operational by the end of February. The establishment of a Secondary School necessitated the construction of a modern sanitation block with a shower. The new block will help girls manage their heath needs and keep clean after physical education and agricultural science.  We would like […]

  • February Bridge of the Month: Love <3

    Our Bridge of the Month for February is LOVE! At BoPH, we believe in the power of love to change the world.  Love is an endless source of light, courage, and connection. Spreading love to others makes for a life worth living!             Love is a well that never runs dry. There […]

  • Two Baby Girls, Two Different Worlds, and Bridges That Connect Us

    Two Baby Girls, Two Different Worlds, Same Needs and Hopes   The first photo is my wife Ann Marie and our granddaughter Ella Brady in California. Ann Marie’s gaze conveys love and contentment, along with hope and devotion. The second photo was taken a few years ago during my visit to the Bridges of Peace and Hope Partner, Mukwashi Trust School, located in […]