All Around Us


The songs on this CD relate to learning about animals, and respecting and caring for the natural world around us. Lyrics and activities for several of these songs may be found on John’s web site at Bonus songwriting and instrumental performance tracks are included for 3 of the songs marked with an *

1 All Around Us (Mother Earth)
2 What's So Great About the Great White Shark?* (Sharks & Songwriting)
3 I Am An Amphibian (Amphibians)
4 Underneath The Sea* (The Ocean & Songwriting)
5 The Paleontologist Told Us So (All About Dinosaurs)
6 Stargazer's Alphabet (Stars, Moon and Planets A to Z)
7 There's a Bear Over There (Bears of the World)
8 Volcano Song (Learn About Volcanoes)
9 Welcome to the World Baby Dolphin* (Dolphins and Songwriting)
10 In the Garden (Life Cycles and Seasons)
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