How About You?


This CD is a collection of songs and two folktales, first released on CD in 1996 and still an audience favorite. Includes songs written by John Farrell, Tom Chapin, Bill Oliver, Carol Johnson, and Fred Small. Lyrics and activities for several of these songs may be found on John’s web site at

1 The Library Song (Books and Reading)
2 Habitat (Earth’s Habitats)
3 Hattie and the Hen (Based on book Hattie and the Fox)
4 How About You? (Storytelling)
5 Why the Moon is in the Sky (West African Folktale)
6 Listen to the Stories (Valuing Intergenerational Stories)
7 I Like Ants (Animals and Rhyming)
8 Family Tree (Unity in Diversity and Families)
9 Don’t Give Up! (Perseverance and Humor)
10 The Hug Song (Affection and Love)
11 Love Grows (Acts of Kindness and Love)
12 The Tailor (European Folktale)
Price: $15.00