Touch The Sky


“Touch the Sky” was John Farrell’s 3rd CD, released in 1998. It includes an eclectic mix of songs for all ages with an emphasis on Perseverance, Feelings, Good Sportsmanship and an Appreciation for Ancestors. Lyrics and activities for several of these songs may be found on John’s web site at

1 Step by Step (Perseverance)
2 Rachel (Friendship and Disappointment)
3 Feelings That I Have (Feelings we all Have)
4 Kilkelly, Ireland (Immigration)
5 Tell Me Ma Lesson
6 Title (Irish Folk Song)
7 It’s History (Role of Common Men and Women)
8 Backwards States (50 States Backwards & Fast)
9 Playing Right Field (Feeling Unwanted)
10 Summer’s Here (Joys of Summer)
11 Mistakes are Our Teachers (Perseverance Learning from Mistakes)
11 Your Spirit Dances On (Spoken word about Ancestors)
Price: $15.00