Your Donation is Powerful: Bring Solar and Irrigation to MTS

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Coming Soon to Mukwashi: Solar and Irrigation!

We ask for your help to make transformational campus improvements at Mukwashi Trust School.
Regional power issues in Zambia have had a direct effect on MTS. Since October, the campus has  seen electricity for a few hours once or twice a month. Our goal is to install solar panels to power the campus office and provide solar lights and chargers for teacher housing. Reliable electricity on campus is imperative; not only increasing safety but increasing access to their global community, allowing students to facilitate their relationships with peers abroad.
Climate change has caused a reduction in rainfall across sub-Saharan Africa including Zambia. At Mukwashi, bolstering irrigation has become essential. Fruit and vegetable crops grown on campus are used to provide nutritious meals for over 500 students. The Mukwashi community also tends to over 400 banana plants, 150 fruit trees, and a large market garden. Upper secondary learners are provided a personal plot where they learn to tend and grow food as part of their agricultural education. While unpotable water is constantly collected, infrastructure is needed to distribute this water throughout campus.
Your contribution to fund solar and expand the irrigation systems at Mukwashi Trust School will allow staff and students to focus on their most important mission: providing a life changing  education to the children of Lusaka.
Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our mission at Bridges of Peace and Hope. Happy New Year!
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