Bridge of the Month

The Bridge of the Month Project is a means to guide our clubs and supporters around the world in focused reflection and action. Each month we celebrate and explore a new theme or “bridge” that has the power to strengthen connections in our community. In doing so, we learn and create together to deepen our understanding of the uniting tenets that have the power to shape a better world.

Our Bridge of the Month for April is IMAGINATION! Throughout April, we encourage you to listen to your inner voice of creativity. The more you stop to listen to louder it gets! #imaginationisabridge to a more colorful, creative world! 


How can you channel your imagination into an idea that changes the world? Sounds like a big question but start small! Think about how your daily life could be different if it were injected with a bit more creativity. Now think beyond, how can your imagination be a gift to others? To your community? Our world?


Share your thoughts, struggles, and stories of imagination with us on our new site or social media using #imaginationisabridge! Looking for a little inspiration? Listen to our Spotify "Playlist for Peace" and comment here to add a song!